Salford Carers Centre is part off the Gaddum Centre, a Greater Manchester Charity founded in 1833 and providing services to disadvantaged people across the region ever since. 

The Adult Carers Service was established in 1999 whilst the Young Carers Service was established in 2000, and the Young Adult Carers Service was started in 2010. While they operate as separate teams, with separate specialisms we all so try to take a "whole caring" approach acknowledging that the many issues carers face are very similar regardless of age. Joint "family" work often takes place, ands especially with regards sibling carers we try to have one lead Carers Worker supporting a family.

We see our role as being the identification and support of carers of all ages and following identification, we work with families, and individual carers to remove caring responsibilities, reduce caring responsibilities, especially for younger carers, reduce inappropriate caring responsibilities and to help them build up resistance in their caring roles and be able to access support at appropriate levels.

For all recognised medium to long term carers we will work in partnership with them, and other services to ensure that appropriate individualised support packages are in place.


As a service, we offer:

  • Assessments of caring roles (17s and under)
  • Group work (All)
  • Family work (All)
  • Individual work (All)
  • Education / employment support (All)
  • Professional Mentoring (16+)
  • Peer Mentoring (All)
  • Awareness sessions for young people/pupils
  • Awareness sessions for staff (Schools/Social Care settings/local businesses)
  • Professional consultation


As well as offering support and advice to young and young adult carers, we also offer professional surveys and reports on the lives of carers. 

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