WE SUPPORT CARERS  aged 24 and under who HELP look after a family member who has an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction problem.

As a carer most of the time you will look after a parent or brother or sister, but on some occasions young carers are caring for grandparents as well. The caring you do will also has an significant impact on your life.

Some of you will be the only carer in your house, some will care for more than one person but all of you will be doing very important tasks in making sure the person you care for is ok. This may be jobs around the house, spending time and encouraging people or helping them look after themselves by doing personal care with them - washing, dressing, and other personal tasks.

All of you will be doing very different things to most of your friends.

Because of this you may feel embarrassed, ashamed, isolated even scared that people might think what you are doing is wrong and try to make you stop, or even bully you because you are a carer.

We know in Salford some young & Young Adult carers struggle to achieve in education, get bullied because they are carers and become very isolated because they do not have the same opportunities to go out with friends. As you get older many struggle to find or stay in employment. We are also concerned that your caring role has an adverse affect on your health, both physically and mentally.

First of all you are not alone!

No-one knows exactly how many young carers there are but there is more than you! We work with over 350 young people each year and still we are finding more carers all the time. Secondly you are not alone. We, workers and your peers, are here to support, listen and understand you.

We are not here to make you do anything, we are here to make sure you can achieve what you want to achieve.

All young people we work with will have a named worker from the main staff team. This named worker will be responsible for making sure you are getting the right support as well as your family.