Salford Carers staff are committed to identifying and supporting carers in Salford.

Salford Carers Service Manager - Ruth Hannan

Adults Team Leader - Heather Kerr

Young Carers Team Leader - Jenny Pilkington

Enhanced Carer Support Team Leader - Angela Dyson

Adult Carers Team:

Annette Stembridge

Kenna Moran - Advocate

Laura Maguire

Steph Stephens

Mental Health Carers Team:

Jane Wilkinson

Josh Britton

Louise Butterworth

Enhanced Carer Support Team:

Andy Ashton

Jacqui Fahy

Young and Young Adult Carers Team:

Cyrita Bryan

Lewis Nelson

Matt Shiels

Nicola Chipman (Maternity Leave)

Sarah Callan

Zoe Slater

Admin Support Team:

Serena Hilton (Maternity Leave) 

Michal Alfred-Kamara (Maternity Cover)




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