Referrals to the Service can be made by anyone; a professional involved with a family, a family friend and/or the potential carer themselves.


Once a referral has been received the following will happen;

Carers aged 17 and under

Referral will be allocated at the weekly team meeting and one of the Young Carers Team will make contact with the family to arrange to visit and carry out an assessment of the young person’s caring role, looking at the whole family situation and not the young person in isolation. Once the assessment is carried out it is discussed within the team meeting and a decision made whether to register as a carer or not. If the decision is to register the young person an initial action plan will be agreed pending further discussions with the young person and the family. Referrers will always be notified of the outcome of their referral.


Following registration

Each young person is classed as one of the following type of carers;

  • Lone carers: young people living on their own with the person who is cared for.
  • Primary Carers: young people who are the main carer within a household, and may be caring for more than one person.
  • Support Carers: young people who are important parts of caring situations and without them the quality of life/family stability would suffer.

An individual support programme will be agreed with the young person and their family, which can include a mixture of individual or group support as well as family work. It will also include signposting and referring to other agencies/services as we work with the family to reduce caring roles.

Young people are initially placed on band one of our tiered system (see PDF under information leaflets) and will be subject to a review within the first six months of being registered with us.

Following review cases will either be closed or placed on to band 2 of the system were they will be subject to either ongoing or six monthly reviews. On the rare occasion, carers who are long term and heavy end carers but wish support only when they ask for it, will be placed on the third tier of the system and monitored.

We also work in partnership with other agencies involved with young people and we will attend and provide reports for TACs, CIN meetings and CP Conferences if required.


Young Carers

The Young Carers Service works within Salford Council’s strategy for Young Carers and operates to the following definition of a young carer:

A young carer is a child or young people aged 17 and under who carries out significant caring tasks and assumes a level of responsibility for another person which would normally be taken by an adult.

Significant caring tasks will include domestic caring, emotional caring and personal care tasks for the cared for. In looking at the significance of the caring tasks the age of the young person will also be taken into account. The impact of the caring role on a young person will also be taken into account.


All young adults within this age bracket will be seen by a worker and a individual support plan put in place if requested and/or needed. Referrals can be made either by self or by a professional via either the phone or by completed the adult registration/ referral Form.