We believe all carers have a right to be respected, valued and supported, equally in their caring role, as experts for their cared for and as individuals in their own right


A carer is someone of any age who supports, unwaged, a relative, partner or friend who due to physical or mental illness, disability, frailty or addiction could not manage without that support.

As a carer you can expect

● To be identified as a carer as early as possible, be informed, be respected and included by health and social care professionals.

● To have choice and control about your caring role, get the personalised support you need as a carer to meet you and your family’s needs.

● To be able to stay healthy and well yourself, and for your own needs and wishes as an individual to be recognised and supported.

● To be socially connected and not isolated.

● To be supported to fulfil educational and employment potential, and where possible in maintaining employment.

● If you are a young carer or young adult carer, to be supported so you are able to thrive and develop educationally, personally and socially, and you are protected from excessive or inappropriate caring roles.

Having a voice - Carers as equal partners

● Valued, respected and recognised as ‘experts by experience’, in monitoring and reviewing services, and coproduction to redesign, commission or procure carer support services.

● Supporting and developing training programmes to raise the awareness and understanding of the needs of carers and their families, and of local carer support services for health and social staff and partner organisations.

Working together in partnership

● To ensure the independence and physical and mental health of all carers and their families

● To empower and support all carers to manage their caring roles and have a life outside of caring

● To ensure that all carers receive the right support, at the right time, in the right place, including when caring comes to an end.

● To respect all carers’ right to decide and choose in relation to how much care they will provide and respect all Carers’ decision about not providing care at all

● To ensure all carers will be respected and listened to as expert care partners, and will be actively involved in care planning, shared decision-making and reviewing services.

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, local authorities and voluntary and community organisations are committed to working together in partnership to provide the best quality support for all carers, through our commitment to carers and action plan.