Tuesday 26th September-what a day!!

The 3rd annual Salford Young Carers Day was a true celebration of the young carers living in our great city. Starting with Breakfast in the council chamber and culminating in the 7th Annual Showcase event with our amazing partners The Lowry Theatre.

Busy busy day for all and a huge call out to all that were involved-workers who made things happen, partners who ran events and made things happen, guests who attended events and made the young people feel very very special and as always The Lowry who once more hosted our evening event with amazing style.

Also very big call out to our to young workers Laura and Lewis who along with Cllr Walsh saved the day when sadly Salford’s Ceremonial Mayor had to pull out of the breakfast event due to a family funeral.  No disappointed faces and lots of stories to take back to school from Cllr Walsh-thank you sir and thank you for the quick thinking Lewis/Laura.

The day continued with assemblies in schools, some supported by our workers some driven by the schools and young people themselves with all roads leading to the evening event at the Lowry.

With members of the YC/YAC Board working with Lowry staff as “meeters and greeters” the event got off to a smooth start with the cakes going down really well!! So thanks to Emma, Beth & Gwen from the Lowry (Special people) and Patrick, Ismail, Martin & Julia (Very special people)

First up there was a short film “ A conversation with...” which involved Paige & Hannah, as carers, with Paul Moran, from the Carers Centre, & Lynsey O’Sullivan, from the Lowry, chatting about the partnership, the value of the arts in working with young carers and all the benefits that individual carers have gained from being involved. We hope to be able to get this up on the web site soon then you can see what Elvis Presley has to do with Salford Young Carers!!

There then followed the main event the launch of “There’s More Than Meets The Eye” an exhibition of photography and creative writing by Hannah, Laiba, Leah, Marc and Nancy

View their writing here

The 5 young people performed their work with the confidence and skills of seasoned professional, yet those of us working on the dress rehearsals know how far from the truth that was the night before!! It never fails to amaze our guests and even staff how real and raw the young people make these events, with real honesty about their lives, real passion about the issues they face, and real love for the people they care for.

It was an exceptional night, well developed & organised by Matt from the YAC Team, Zora our sessional worker and the incredible Lee from the Lowry.

As always the event was well supported by local dignitaries and politicians and we thank them all for attending but a very special mention to Cllr Connor Salford’s Ceremonial Mayor, who having attended a family funeral in the morning, which meant “Breakfast with the Mayor” had to be cancelled, not only attended the evening event, spent absolute ages talking to young people, but has also rearranged the “Breakfast with the Mayor” event for next week......THANK YOU

SO Salford Young Carers 2017 is over....planning for number 4 and the 8th Lowry Showcase event for 2018 starts now!!