Thinking of resham

This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to write and definitely the hardest for this web site that is here to celebrate and support the amazing carers of all ages in Salford.

Last week one of our young adult carers was subjected to a horrendous acid attack in East London when out celebrating her 21st birthday. This senseless attack left her cousin in a coma and our amazing Resh needing two skin grafts, with damage to one of her eyes, and scar damage to her body.

Why is our Resh amazing? A high level carer for her father from an early age she had numerous High Schools due to moving between London and Salford with her father, but somehow we connected, supported her through high school and using her enthusiasm for learning and life, were able to continue to support her through college. Throughout all of this she still cared for her father, still dealt with the crises, such as eviction, that appeared on a regular basis and managed to pass exams. A very talented individual, fighting all the odds and succeeding.

Then on to university, not too far from home as father still needed looking after, and her very own space at last. She has just recently return from a exchange year in Cyprus, from which she returned on a regular basis to make sure her father was OK and looking after himself properly.

As well as caring for her father Resh was an active part of our Young Carers/Young Adult Carers Board acting as an excellent role model for younger carers, she worked with our staff supporting the launch of the Carers Trust Charity Partnership Appeal with the Co-Op, speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people with a member of the SugarBabes

Our last conversation was about planning to go for lunch when she was back in Salford, accommodation sorted and back in University starting her Masters. When we go for lunch I will be proud to be seen with her, in fact prouder than normal, because our Resh was and will always be an amazing young person.

In the meantime we send all our love to Resh, and the love of all the young people who have texted us, and phoned us to make sure we are aware of the situation. Remember Resh we are here for you and look forward to you coming home to Salford soon.

If any of Resh's friends from young adult carers are affected by what has happened please contact us-we are here to support you