PHEW!! What a Carers week in salford!!

Wow it's taken almost a week to get over it but last week was possible the busiest Carers Week we have ever had in Salford, & certainly the most productive. We were so busy, with so many leads to follow up, ideas & suggestions to digest that it has taken until today in a very quiet early morning office to have the space to think back on it.

Last week we either ran or attended 12 events, we had over 250 carers of all ages attending them & we had almost 40 "new"" carers registering with us-including 3 that found their way to us via our tweeting & others retweeting. An amazing week all around & a massive effort by an incredible staff team, especiallywhen you consider that our day to day core work continued in the community, in schools and at a strategic level.

The interaction with carers was inspiring at times and we have left the week with new ideas for engagement & that overriding feeling that actually ever week is carers week, every day is carers day & that the needs & situation of each carer is different & our services need to be flexible,  responsive & carer lead not set in solid boxes.

The future looks exciting so huge thanks to the team for all their efforts, the carers for their involvement & inspiration & everyone else for their support. Their are to many "others" to thank but special mention to Janet & Michelle for every week & the support groups they run, & to Cllr Stone, Cllr Walsh & City Mayor Paul Dennett for their continual support for the cities carers.