Today I got one of those phones calls as a manager you answer with fear......Paul there is a carer on the phone for you, wants to talk about that group they are in.....a complaint? What's gone wrong? Only one way to fine out.

"Hi Karen how's things 

Great Paul just wanted to tell you this course has been magic, the staff are so good with us we have had absolutely endless fun finding out about our wellbeing we never noticed till the end how much better we all feel and that's why I want to speak to you.....we don't want it to end, the group has been so good for us all that we need it to go on and on. Can we talk about it?

Wow!! Karen what can I say I know Annette & Kate are excellent workers & make sure you tell them, it means so much coming from the people we work for, so much better than just a manager and yes let's all meet for coffee and look at how we keep the group going, long term peer support with help from either Annette or Kate is an excellent idea"

So from a 6 week course the isolation of a group of carers is challenged, friendships made and positive developments happen

Always knew it: my workers are the best in the world!! And that Salford people are the most honest in the world 😄

Thank you Annette & Kate The group was amazing fun.