Independent Advocacy for Salford's Carers

Salford Carers Centre provides advocacy to Carers in Salford, supporting and empowering carers to secure their rights and be treated fairly, when dealing with issues that affect them or their families.

An advocate may be able to support you to: 

  • access information and services 

  • be involved in decisions

  • explore choices and options

  • defend and promote your rights and responsibilities

  • speak out about issues that matter to you

Independent Advocacy for Carers

Independent Advocacy is about representing and supporting carers, carers of children who are about to turn 18 and young carers who are about to turn 18 themselves, and making sure that they are fully involved and their voices are heard through statutory processes such as support planning and assessments.

However, there is a set of criteria about who can access Independent Advocacy, which means that not everybody will be entitled to an Advocate.

Usually, the carer will be likely to have substantial difficulty in being involved in a process, and either no one else available or appropriate to support and represent their views, feelings and wishes.

Substantial Difficulty (only one)

  • Understanding information

  • Communicating own views, wishes and feelings

  • Retaining the information

  • Using/Weighing up information

Want more information? Ring Salford Carers Centre on 0161 833 0217 and ask to speak to our Advocacy worker