Last year the UK Youth Parliament consultation ‘Make Your Mark’ saw young people across the country vote for ‘Curriculum for Life’. In Salford where there was a 34% turnout of young people Curriculum for life came on top in every school. 

Curriculum for life or ‘Learning for life’ has been adopted as a priority for Salford's Children and Young People’s Trust Board  and a group of senior managers, young people and representatives from the voluntary sector has been put together. Salford Carers Centre is represented by Paul Moran, Laura & Lewis, our two apprentices. Curriculum for life calls for the likes of citizenship education, financial education, sex and healthy relationship education, community cohesion education, CV and job readiness training, emotional resilience education to be incorporated in the national curriculum.

In Salford it’s being done differently, and we are out to make sure Young Carers get the best deal from a new Curriculum for life effort. The voluntary sector and the life skills passed on by parents and guardians are significant contributors to a young person’s overall education, so they can’t be ignored. A curriculum for life comes from in school, at home and outside of both so a new effort must target those three areas.

We are supporting the facilitation of focus groups in the trial area of Irlam and Cadishead to identify curriculum for life themes. Focus groups are being conducted across the city to identify city wide themes. Some schools are particularly good at delivering particular parts of a Curriculum For Life, so the reasons young people in different parts of the city voted may vary widely. 

On March 21 our Young Adult Carers Champion Lewis presented to the Salford VOCAL forum what Curriculum For Life means for the voluntary sector. We all know that there are some examples of Curriculum For Life subjects being delivered well for years. From that meeting there is a growing need for a Curriculum For Life audit in Salford to see what is already done.

Gaddum's Salford Carers Centre is fully committed to participating fully in the Curriculum for Life effort, working in partnership with Salford City Council to ensure that ALL young people get the right start in life and the appropriate tools to participate fully in modern day society