What an Amazing Few Weeks

On the 2nd October we moved into our new office base at Langworthy Cornerstones and once we had settled in, made so easy by the warm welcome we received from all the staff working there the teams seem to have found an amazing new lease of life that I feel needs commenting on.

No time during the year is an easy time for the carers we support, no matter their age, and the team consistently work to offer as much support, advice or guidance as they possible can. Supporting carers set up their own peer support groups, offering group, individual and family support, and working in partnership with carers to raise awareness and understanding of the issues carers of all ages face.

However the 30th of October heralded the start of an amazing level of activity not in place of the "normal" daily work loads but as well as, extra activities and engagement.

In the last 5 weeks all workers, no matter what team they are on, have seriously raised the bar with their commitment to supporting carers. They have;

1. Turned Carers Rights Day into Carers Rights week with 5 information sessions in Supermarkets and Hospital, meeting over 300 new and old carers.

2. Attended the GM consultation on carers issues, with a group of carers, and helped facilitate the event.

3. Ran extra support groups for adult carers including sessions on Beating the Christmas Blues and a 6 session Well-Being Course.

4. Ran a day conference for Salford Council on engaging with the Seldom Heard, with the emphasis on young people with special educational needs.

5. Ran a conference for Campus Living Villages, an International Organisation providing accommodation for students. The conference looked at identification of and support for student carers.  

6. Supported the WHO CARES tour with our partners The Lowry and Lung Theatre. Enabling the young carers involved to visit tour venues, do Q & A sessions with audiences and supporting local venues with "wellbeing support" during performances.

7. Started monthly Wellbeing walks.

On top of all of the above 11 members of the teams also gave up a Sunday morning to run the Jingle Jog Santa run at Salford Quays, raising money for activities in 2018 for carers aged 24+

So no slowly down for the festive period for this lot, they've just picked up speed!!

I would like to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to them for their work in 2017, wish them, all our partners, and all our main partners-Salford's unpaid family carers of all ages, a very happy Christmas, and enjoyable festive period and a New Year full of potential and happiness

Christmas Jingle Jog-Thanks team amazing effort

Christmas Jingle Jog-Thanks team amazing effort

Young Carers, Cast members, Lee, Paul and Matt-Who Cares Tour Launch

Young Carers, Cast members, Lee, Paul and Matt-Who Cares Tour Launch