Salford Carers Strategy 2017

Salford City Council and NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group are working with carers to develop a new Salford carers’ strategy which will provide guidance to all agencies in Salford on how to ensure carers health and wellbeing is improved in the City.

This strategy will build on our last Salford carers’ strategy which was developed in 2013 and will recognise our approach in involving adult service users and carers in planning their own care and in the design, delivery and evaluation of health and social care services.

In order to help us develop this strategy we would appreciate if you could spend a few minutes to give us your views on what it is like to be a carer of a person over 18 in Salford and what you feel is important to you as a carer.


Deadline for responses is February 17th 2017


What / who is a carer?

Carers are people who care for a family member, a friend or another person in need of assistance or support with daily living. They include those caring for the frail aged, people living with long-term medical conditions, people with a mental illness, people with a disability and those receiving palliative care.


Some carers do not call themselves carers but see themselves as wife or husband, mother or father, partner, grandparent, child, friend or neighbour. There can be multiple carers who care as part of a family or community network. At times, because of the nature of the illness, a carer may not be recognised as a carer by the person he or she is providing care to.


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