following last year's very successful Seldom Heard event we have been asked to run the 2016 event.

We have been working along side Laura, our Young Carers ChampionApprentice, Lewis, the Salford Youth Mayor, and members of both the Youth Council and the Young Carers Board to put this year's event together.

This year we have Targetted pupils in years 6 & 7 as we felt they had even less of a voice than the older ones. We have invited 6 high schools & 6 primary schools to bring up to 6 pupils on the day where we will explore their dreams & aspirations for their city before doing short presentations to the city leaders, who will join us at lunch time.

These are great events for allowing young people to express their visions, for city leaders to listen and respond with their own pledges of actions they will take to support the dreams of the young people.

What is even better is that they are organised, facilitated and reviewed by young people as well. Our job is to enable their vision for the event to take place.

This year's event is being hosted by Eccles College and is on Thursday October 20th.

Young people should be seen & listened to!!