Live theatre from Salford Young Carers & The Lowry

2016 sees the 5th year of our amazing partnership with the Lowry Theatre. So 3 short films, including one with Maxine Peake, and an interactive tool kit raising awareness of young carers issues for schools later..........

Since January we have been working with 4 young carers, their families, local politicians, and workers with the Lung Theatre Company carrying out interviews and regular focus groups developing a script that will offer a rare insight into the world of young carers. This promises to be a gripping piece of verbatim theatre. 

Running along side this piece of work we have also been working weekly with a group of 20 young people, 10 young carers & 10 young people from the Gorse Hill Project in Trafford, who have been exploring caring from a non carers perspective and producing their own piece of vibrant theatre.

So our biggest showcase yet, no speeches, no banging the drum this year just full on theatre, highlighting the issues of young carers from their points of view.

The evening will start with the performance from the 20 young people who have been working with "We Are Stone Soup" Theatre Company and after a short interval "Who Cares"  scripted from the work of young carers with Lung Theatre Company will be performed by professional actors, recruited by young carers who also interviewed for, and recruited the set designers.

An incredible night is in store as for the first time the Partnership Showcase will take centre stage in the theatre, part of the Lowry's Autumn programme

As well as our usual guest list this year tickets for this exciting evening will be on sale to the public so.......

Tuesday November 22nd

Lowry Quays Theatre

From 18.30

Tickets £10

From Lowry Booking Office