Salford's 2nd Annual Young Carers Day

Plans are really taking shape for the second annual Young Carers Day in Salford and this year it's looking so busy we may need to take up the full week!!

The day itself is Tuesday November 22nd and it starts at 09.30 with 12 young carers joining Salford's Ceremonial Mayor for breakfast in their parlour. These are great occasions for the young people and always very enjoyable for the adults as well.

A number of schools will be running events during the day to raise awareness, and young carers will be running school assemblies looking at the support they receive in school. There are in fact so many assemblies to do the team & the young carers and Young Adult Carers Board are already taking bookings for the rest of the week!!

The day itself finishes at our partners home, The Lowry Theatre, where we will all view the results of almost 12 months work in the Quay's Theatre when "Who Cares" will be performed for the first time.  This will be gripping verbatim theatre based on 12 months of interviews exploring the caring roles of 4 Salford young carers. Members of the public are invited to join us for this celebration, which will also include a performance by up to 20 young people with their own play, tickets are available from the Lowry Box Office priced £10.

The celebrations continue on the Thursday with 2 members of our Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Board travelling to London for the Children & Young People Now Awards. 

Finally the busy week of Young Carers Day events ends with the launch of a special project at Salford Royal Hospital on Carer's Rights Day

Busy Busy week so please look at ways you can join us and help celebrate this city of Salford's idnspirationa,  amazing and very cool young carers