AskSARA anew Service for the people of Salford

AskSARA for advice and support to help daily living in Salford

A NEW, free, online user-friendly tool, aimed at assisting people help themselves with daily household activities and tasks has been launched by Salford Together.

AskSARA, an easy-to-use online questionnaire-style assessment will help you if you’re living in Salford and struggling with things like bathing, toileting, getting on and off chairs, in the kitchen or any other type of day-to-day activity.

By completing this simple assessment – at a time and place convenient for you – you can get your very own personalised report, complete with tips and advice on what you can do to help with daily activities. This might include details about things, such as walking aids, bath-steps or hand rails for the stairs, and where you can buy them locally.

Simply click AskSARA , choose which subject you would like help and support with – these cover: Your Health; Your Home; and Daily Activities – and then answer some questions about yourself and your circumstances.

AskSARA also provides contacts for more information and further help if needed. This could include advice to contact social services for a formal assessment, in which case you may find it helpful to either email or print off a copy of your completed questionnaire and findings to show them and help the process.

So, if you, or someone you know, is looking for ideas and tips about ways to make your life easier, or details of items that might help and where to get them, get online at AskSARA.

AskSARA is run by the national charity Disabled Living Foundation.