To day thousands of young people in Salford have been collecting their exam results, some off to massive celebrations others dissapointed and looking at what the options are.

We have young carers in both groups how we don't know....with all the pressures and worries they have we are not sure how any of them managed A*s & As, i never did without all those extra pressures....others are devastated as they "failed", results not what they expected, not what they just shows the sort of young people they are, that they are devastated, that even with all the other pressures they still think they should have done better.

Well let's be clear, young carers don't fail, you have all done the best you could in the circumstances you live in and if anything the failure is with the system that often does not acknowledge you, and often even when you are acknowledged fails to give you the support you need

Slowly things  are changing,slowly they are getting better, in the meantime you have not failed any of you, we are so proud of all of you and all you have achieved........many of us as adults would struggle to balance home, Education, socialising the way you do you are all stars