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Help us, support your employees

 As you can see from previous posts on this site, I, Paul Moran, Manger of Salford Carers Centre, have started a challenge to run/walk 1000K in ten months on some of the UK's most beautiful fells and hills.

I am doing this to raise funds for the approximately 250 young carers we work with each year and have set a very high target of £10,000.

I understand many of you will have charities you already support but you could help us in one of thefollowing ways;

1. Organise fund raising events with you staff teams, which we would be more than happy to work with you on.

2. Commission our Service to work with you to "Carer Proof" your business/organisation looking at how you support the carers you employ, develop a Employees Carers Policy and help identify the numerous hidden carers who are getting no support at all.


60% of us will be carers at some point in our adult lives, that could be 60% of your work force, help us support the young carers now by supporting the present day adult carers