Regan's report on Salford's Childrens' Trust Board experiance

Meeting with Children’s Trust Board

 Myself, Kathryn from Healthwatch and Paul who is the Manager of Salford Carers Services recently attended a meeting with the Salford Children’s Trust Board to discuss the issues the Young People in Salford had raised in a survey about their mental wellbeing.

Healthwatch Salford, and the Young Carers Service, had set up a group of four young people aged 14 to 18 years old who had worked on planning the project, giving their views and telling people about the project.

The group put together a questionnaire to ask young people about their experiences of being happy, being unhappy and using wellbeing and mental health services. The young people involved worked on the language, questions and planning for the survey. The young people in the group told Healthwatch where we should send the survey. We also asked the Young Carer’s Service, the engagement leads in the city, the Children’s Trust Board, people who plan and buy in services and people who work with young people for their ideas to make sure the survey reached as many young people as possible.

The questionnaire was taken to schools, groups and places in the community. We did this using paper copies as well as using social media. Between September and October 2015 they gathered views and experiences from over 411 children and young people in Salford.  Healthwatch Salford collected all of the answers to the questionnaires and worked with Salford’s Public Health Team to understand what the information was telling us and done all the number collecting.

We discussed this with the members at the April Children’s Trust Board meeting and they decided to help and put all of our recommendations into an action plan, especially looking at issues relating to young men, and their mental wellbeing, and why young people feel happier before the age of 11.

I would like to thank another Young Carer who was involved, Madison Tonge, and the Youth Council member Lola.

Thanks to the Staff as well for such an amazing experience!

Written by: Regan McGwynn