Well where do we start.......It seems like the world has been spinning really fast for us since just before Christmas and just as it starts to stop someone has started spinning us again!!

So what has been going on? Well just before Christmas Paul Moran, manager of the Young Carers/Young Adult Carers Services, took on managing the Adult Carers Team and the Carers Centre as well,  just at the start of the tendering process to provide Carers Support Services for Salford City Council. So life got very hectic with Paul taken away from a lot of day to day work with the Young Carers Service and no let-up in the quantity of work that needed doing.

Now we are in the middle of March and we are very pleased to say that Gaddum, the charity we are part of, were successful in their tender application and we will still be providing Carers Support Services in the city for a few more years yet. We hope to very quickly sort out the new staffing structure which will see Paul managing the services and Team Leaders appointed for the  Adult Carers and Young Carers/Young Adult Carers Teams.

Then just as it seemed the spinning was slowing down the Young Carers & Young Adult Carers Team were hit by the news that Myrthe & Natalie were both leaving us-Myrthe to Australia and Natalie, a bit nearer home, to Wythenshawe. Huge blow and both will be sadly missed. They have both worked incredible hard with Jenny, Nicola & Charlotte to provide high quality services for carers aged 24 & under in Salford and will be hugely missed, but more about them on another day!!!!

We will be recruiting to all posts, Admin, Adults and Young People over the next 6 weeks and then we will be off to a new all inclusive Carers Support Service, an integrated service for all ages based on the principles of Awareness raising, increased Identification of hidden carers, Reduction in inappropriate caring for young people, (& the building up of resilience of all carers,) & and a menu of long term ongoing Support for carers of all ages.

So please bare with us over the next couple of months as the new system kicks in and the new team is developed. We will send an individual letter out to all carers aged 24 and under explaining what is happening, and looking at their support, and we will continue to provide support to almost 40 schools & colleges looking at how they can continue to develop the support their offer pupils who are carers