2016 WHAT A YEAR!!

What a Year!!

As we close up shop for Christmas and the New Year I thought it might be interesting to look back over the year and some of the highlights.
Staff wise we lost Myrthe and Natalie but gained Matthew and Sarah who have really hit the ground running and have soon made themselves indispensable to the Service. Myrthe is now settled in Australia and Natalie happily working in Wythenshaw, still both missed but we are pleased they are doing well.
We also added to our team Regan and Laura, two apprentices supporting both young and young adult carers and helping core staff develop services. We are so pleased to have these two posts, a major advancement.
2016 also saw Gaddum tender for and maintain the contract with Salford City Council to provide Cares Support Services within the city, a Service we have been providing for over 17 years now. The pleasing thing is Salford’s continual commitment to, and support of, carers in what is a very difficult time for them budget wise.
As a Service for the carers aged 24 & under we have;

Supported over 365 young people

Carried out over 1,000 individual sessions

Carried out over 175 Group sessions 

Run 3 residentials

Run nearly 300 family sessions

Carried out almost 150 assessments

Highlights of the Year

Being short listed again for the Children& Young People Now Award for Young Carers.

Cairon winning both the Josie Browne Personal Achievement Volunteering Award at the Heart of Salford Awards and the Salford Volunteer of the Year Award.

The young carers who designed and worked on the 2017 calendar winning the Volunteering Team of the Year Award at the Heart of Salford Awards.

The Board running a question time event with the newly elected Mayor of Salford and lead Cllrs Stone and Walsh and once again showing how serious they are about improving Services for carers in Salford

St. Ambrose Barlow RC High being awarded the Silver in the National Young Carers in School Awards and 7 schools have achieved the bronze level, with another 9 on the way

Workers developing awareness courses for YCs on issues from sibling caring to caring for an adult with mental health problems

Excellent exams results and a number of old friends going off to university-massive achievement for them all and made us so proud.  

And then there was the Lowry Project-what more can we say-still buzzing and off tonight to celebrate with the 4 YCs who were behind the “Who Cares” Script.

Sure I have missed things out both achievements by individuals and by the team but just a flavour of 2016.

I’ll finish by thanking my amazing team not only for all their hard work but the way in which they do it, the enthusiasm they work with the young people, the encouragement they give them and the life opportunities they help them access. 

A very special team working with very special young people
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year