Tuesday November 22nd was a huge day for young carers in Salford as the 2nd Salford Young Carers Day ended with our now annual showcase event at the Lowry Theatre. This year saw the world premiers of 2 plays

"Behind Closed Doors" open the evening an eye opening piece of drama developed over 6 months by 10 young carers & 10 young people from the Gorse Hill Project in Trafford who worked with Lee from the Stone Soup Company; over 350 people from Civic leaders to family members watched the young people perform with great skill & passion the story of 2 young people whose lives change as they come out as carers and have to face the reaction of their peers. For a piece of theatre that could itself have been the focal point of the evening the standing ovation was the least this group of amazing, talented & honest young people deserved 

"Who Cares?"

No words can sum up this play produced & written by the talented Matt Woodhead from the Lung Theatre Company. Matt worked with 4 young carers, staff from the Lowry & Salford Young Carers, local & national politicians, & the families of young carers over an 11 month period. using over 75 hours of interviews he produce a piece of drama so real, so honest & so raw about the lives of the 4 that the standing ovation at the endless instant, tweeter went mad and there was not a dry eye in the house.

Other more eloquent reviews, more detail, & more elaborate will appear but none will be written with as much pride, as much honour to have worked with the young carers on these two projects. 

So huge thanks to Jessica, Declan, Aimie, Aiden, Rickie, Grace, Anaya & the gang of four Antonia Rae, Kerry, Paige & Carron.