To Salford Young Carers
I wish that I could join you this evening for the “Who Cares?” event at the Lowry but unfortunately I have to be in Westminster. 
I wanted to send you this message of support. 
Firstly, well done to everyone involved in the “Who Cares?” project. You should all be very proud of your work on this important piece of theatre. 
Thank you for working so hard and for sharing your experiences as young carers.  I am sure that at times this cannot have been easy. 
By producing this important piece of work you have shone a spotlight on the issues that many young carers face and the help that is needed. And you have shown other young carers that they are not alone.
As a Salford MP, I am immensely proud of what you do.
I hope that you all enjoy the world premiere this evening.  I look forward to joining you all in the near future to hear about your experiences working on the project. 
Best wishes
Barbara Keeley MP
Member of Parliament for Worsley and Eccles South