We asked Laura Edwards, our Young Carers Campion/Apprentice to write the following blog about the Boards recent residential in Prestatyn 



During half term, members of the Young & Young Adult Carers Board went on a residential to get some time away from caring and also work further on some of their projects.

The main things the group worked on were:

Salford Young Carers Day
On Tuesday 22nd November it is Salford Young Carers Day. To celebrate there will be a host of events in the City, including the Lowry performanceWho Cares on Young Carers day itself. The Board group came up with lots of ideas about how the City could and should celebrate Young Carers. There was even talk of a song … watch this space.

The Board have come up with some proposals as to how the newsletter will be going forward. As with Salford Young Carers Day, there were plenty of ideas. In a few editions time you could be reading comics about SuperDan, doing activities in the children’s corner (for younger young carers) or even having a chat with young carers’ agony Aunt. Keep your eyes peeled!

Following the success of the 2014 survey, there will be another survey this year. The Board have come up with questions covering a variety of topics; from bullying to caring to wellbeing to our service itself. We are looking forward to having questionnaire’s complete by the end of 2016. This is a really good opportunity for young carers’ to anonymously address any issues or ideas they have for the way we or the City help young carers, so make sure you fill one in!

As well as lots of hard work, there was some fun too. On the first evening we explored the games room at Salford Children’s Holiday Camp. From a telescope to pool to a radio and even a fishing net, there was plenty to do! On the 2nd day we took a walk into Prestatyn to get chippy and have a look around the shops and at the evening there were films, card games, pool and even a make-shift dungeons and dragons adventure!

The residential was a great chance for young carers to take a proper break from caring, school and even Salford but also a chance to get a little bit of work done on the fantastic projects that they are running. Keep an eye on this blog for updates on how those projects pan out.

Laura Edwards