Seems to have crept on me out of the mist but it's half way in the ten months I initially set to run/walk at least 1000K on some of our finest wildest fells/hills. Yes I'm five months into the challenge & apart from a few weeks when motivation really dipped, I'm enjoying every moment of it, well nearly every moment. Yesterday's slog in manky drizzle & view destroying clag in at times thigh deep peat bog would be very hard to have enjoyed, especially the two huge bouts of cramp as I battled my way through the endless bog on the Northern edges of Kinder. 

This will no doubt become the norm as winter slowly appears, but perversely I can't wait for a big freeze, harden the peat, and perhaps a bit of snow.

Figures for October were as follows:

Distance 186.94

Ascent 2950m


Distance 809.37K

Ascent 24,494M

So well ahead of schedule, and looking at passing the 1000K mark before Christmas as long as I stay injury free. So far besides the usual aching muscles and "old man" knee syndrome things have been going well, twisted ankles are par for the terrain!!

Best run so far is a strange toss up between the Hayfield to Marsden run over the 3 highest hills in the Dark Peak and running on the flat empty wild rugged beaches of Northumberland. Loved them both but the Marsden one just wins, but only just!!

Still looking forward to every day I can run, buzzing off the solitude often just me Grouse, buzzards, the odd Sparrowhawk and occasional Mountain Hare. Helps clear the head from one weeks work and ready for the next.

So please share with as many as possible this challenge is for Salford's Young Carers, some of the most vulnerable and isolated young people in the city who rely on the funds we raise for activities, breaks and help with their physical development and support with their mental wellbeing.

So please visit and share 1000K 

Now let's get ready for the next 5 months.

Thank for all the support financial & verbal