Salford Carers Centre is launching a new volunteer scheme which will open the door for people to be involved in all aspects of supporting the thousands of carers, of all ages, in Salford.

We are launching our new Volunteer Scheme so we can look at developing more exciting and innovative ways of supporting carers in Salford

You need to be 17 and overy and able to attend an initial training/awareness programme with further training if you wish a more specialist role.

All volunteers who join us will receive supervision and ongoing support and be entitled to out of pocket expenses.

we are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Developing Forums for adult carers 

Developing Peer support for adult carers 

Fund raising

multi media strategy

Group work support

Indiviuals support

Professional mentoring for young adult carers


All volunteers with be DRB checked

Interested? Contact Paul Moran Salford Carers Centre Manager on 0161 8330217 or via email @ 

Look forward to hearing from you!!