Is your name Smith?

Is your name Smith?
Or do you know someone named Smith?
Do you/they live in Salford?
Then we need your stories!

Be part of something unique and help us to create a new sound artwork inspired by the music of The Smiths.

We are looking to interview people with the surname Smith who live in Salford. Published writer and poet, and University of Salford Chancellor, Jackie Kay wants to interview 10 people for an hour each about what it is to be a Smith living in Salford today.

These recorded interviews are then going to be edited to form a brand new piece of sound theatre that will be part of a new and exciting festival taking place at The Lowry in May this year.

We want to hear the voices of local Salford Smiths, so if you are or know of any please get in contact with us now by emailing<> or leave us a message by calling 0161 876 2097.

This is a publicly funded art project for The Lowry and participants will be giving their time for free, with no restrictions on use of the interview content.