This Wednesday, 23 September, we organised our Business&Breakfast Event at The Lowry. In the prestigious Compass Room with 360* view of Salford we kicked off at 9am with our guests and a delicious breakfast. 

The City Mayor of Salford Ian Stewart was our first speaker of the day after Paul had officially opened the event. He spoke about the importance of recognising the growing number of carers and the need to identify the group of hidden carers, who make up a shocking 75% of number of carers. The City Mayor also pleaded for businesses and organisations to review or introduce their carer policies and make sure that support for carers, regardless their age, is in place. 
Thank you, City Mayor of Salford! 

A big thank you to the other speakers as well: Sarah of the YMCA and two very inspiring Young Adult Carers who spoke to us about their boots in confidence and growth, all because of the Inspiring Futures Project. 
Secondly, Steve, an amazing mentor for one of our Young Adult Carers. His speech really captured the benefits for not only the Young Adult Carer, but also how the professional mentoring scheme has benefitted himself.
Lastly, Resh, one of the Young Adult Carers, who is an active member of the board and a very inspirational person. Resh unfortunately could’t attend the event due to caring responsibilities, but she had written a story that Charlotte presented. 
She described how the Service has supported her over the years and how much that has helped her to get where she is now. In Resh’ own words at the end of the speech: *mass applause, roses thrown on stage, walk off*. Well done! 

There were also two videos of Young Adult Carers who told 1) about their caring situation, work and how a lack of support for carers made it impossible for her to fulfil her tasks at work 2) how the Service has successfully put the Young Adult Carer in touch with different organisations, such as the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, and his career took a different turn in a very positive way! 

Looking back on the morning we can state it was very successful and we would like to thank everyone who attended and showed an interest, Tanya from the Carers Trust and the Young Adult Carers who attended out of interest! 

To share with you the main message of the morning: 

60% of people are going to be a carer at some point in their lives. And carers, young and old, need support. In the workplace there is not enough awareness to recognise carers and to provide them with the right support once they disclose their situation. 

Let’s work together to improve these situations. Because what will happen to you if you find yourself caring for a loved one and you have to go to work? 

More information on policy improvement, which we offer for free, carer awareness raising session at work, or how to become a professional mentor for one of the Young Adult Carers, get in touch with Myrthe on

Thanks again to everyone who attended. We look forward to taking our professional relationships to the next level!