wow wow wow Lowry Projects nominated for prestegious national award

Unbeknown  to us, or the Engagement Team at the Lowry another department at the Lowry had entered the Partnership that has developed over 4 years and the amazing projects we have jointly completed over that time into the very prestigious National Awards run by Children & Young People Now under the title;

The Lowry Centre Trust, Young Carers at The Lowry

We have recently found out that we have been short listed which in itself is great credit to the Lowry, in particular Lynsey and Jennifer who work closely with us, Salford young carers, nearly 50 young people have been involved in the projects and the workers who have at times supported my mad cap ideas for films and other Project. The fact we have been nominated is great credit to all of them and again helps raise awareness of the issues faced by young carers in 21st Century Britain

This years project-The interactive tool kit for teachers & youth workers to use to raise awareness and identify the missing 70% of young carers with no, or very limited support, will be launched at what is now becoming our OSCAR event each year held at the Lowry itself and promises to be an exceptional night.

this year the Salford City Council and Salford Youth Council have worked with us to turn a special evening into a very special day with the 1st ever annual Salford Young Carers Day.

So October 20th 2015 will see Salford Young Carers having their own special day and also the launch of this years project with the Lowry

and then in November................will we win!! But does it matter? We got a nomination!!!!!

Huge no massive thank you to all involved


Manager Salford Young Carers & Young Adult Carers Services