Salford's 1st Annual Young Carers Day 20th October 2015

A very special day for young carers within Salford is being organised by a partnership between Salford Young Carers & Young Adult Carers Services, which are managed by the Gaddum Centre, Salford City Council and young people. The day will see ;

* an amazing tweeter storm

*Activities organised in schools by young carers, members of Salford Youth Council

*information/posters circulated around the city via GP surgeries and SCC bases

*Media coverage

The day ends at the Lowry Theatre where an invited audience will be present to watch the launch of this years partnership project between the Lowry Theatre and Salford Young Carers. This year we are launching an interactive web site/tool kit for teachers and youth workers to use in raising awareness and the identification of young carers. As always it will be a very special night and again is being supported by our good friends at The Booth Charity

There may be as many as 3,00 young carers in Salford, 70% of whom are hidden and get little if any support so join us and help to identify them, help us raise awareness