Great cause. Generation Connect.


Generation:Connect wants to help older carers learn how they can use technology to make their caring role less isolated and more manageable.



How much do you rely on the internet? Shopping? Socialising? Streaming? Without the internet you'd be pretty isolated, right?


68.8% of older carers say that being a carer has an adverse effect on their mental health. From shopping, managing Carers Allowance to simply keeping upwith the news and social media, being able to use the internet would change an older carers life, for the better.

"Home would be a prison if I didn't have an outlet"


£1000 would fund schemes at 2 network partners. Involving 20 carers.

With your help we want to fund schemes at 2 of our Network Partners to help identify, reach out to, support and teach some of the older, isolated carers in the community.