The Salford to Southport Mayor's Cycle Challenge

Well it seemed a good idea at the time, all these people working hard raising money for the Mayor's 3 charities, including young carers, whilst we go to Soul Nights, The Kings Arms put on Gigs and we take the young people to the Ball-make some effort I thought.

So as Manager of the Service I thought I should set an example, and with a couple of friends who know what they are doing, put our names forward-then reality hit!!

73km does not even sound good when you sat it in miles 45 but all in a good cause and I'm sure I cycled that far last time I was on a bike even if it was 30 years ago!!

So I need you all to make it worth while for me the #grumpyoldmanonbike As I try to prove that life did start after 60 and that fell running makes you capable of anything!!


Sunday19th April we cycle from The Carers Centre to the Salfordian Hotel in Southport via Irlam. we set off at 10.00 so although most people will be finished in a few hours I will try to finish before it gets dark, may need a bed at the hotel for the night!!

But I have as plan that does not involve getting the train (honest) its a time trail the rules are the more you raise in sponsorship the more minutes you get knocked off so my cunning plan is to raise as much as possible so I can take all day and still win, but I need your help.

Please pledge an amount by email to and I'll be round on my bike to collect it on the Monday....I wish!!

All money raised goes to the three charities, all of which are vital to young people and carers in the city so please support.

We will tweet up dates on the day so you can all share the pain......all I need now is a bike!!