We have just been informed that Salford City Councils Partnership Board have just agreed the action plan for improving and developing services for young carers in the city. This is massive and very positive news for us as a Service, young carers we are working with and also for the young people living in the city who are hidden carers as awareness across all services, education of professionals and identification of young carers are major parts of the plan.

The plan has been developed due to the tireless work of members of the council who have consulted both with our Services and also with Young Carers and Young Adult Carers.

We are pleased to be part of this development and look forward to continuing to work with the city, and all our partners, to improve the opportunities for young carers and to continue to increase the awareness of the issues faced by young carers and improve the identification of the majority who remain "Hidden"

Action plan can be viewed at

The Salford City Carers Strategy can be viewed at