Children & Young People Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Project

Throughout March, April and May Healthwatch ran a survey across Salford to find out what the priorities of local people were. One strong theme that came back was the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people in Salford.

Hence Healthwatch Salford ran a project to listen to children and young people about their Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health over the summer running until November.

Working with a group of Young People and Salford Young Carer’s Centre to develop a survey for children and young people to complete. Over 400 children and young people have told us how they feel and about their experiences.

Healthwatch will use the things people have told them to inform the strategic review and future recommissioning of Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) services and other associated emotional wellbeing and mental health support services that Children and Young People access in Salford.

What will happen next?

A report has been published and recommendations made based on the views and experiences young people have shared. You can download this report below

In the New Year work will start with commissioners and providers to review and improve Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health services for children and young people; following up on recommendations that reflect what young people have been saying.

Later in 2016 both Healthwatch and the Young Carers Service will come back and check whether the review has improved services in Salford for children and young people using them.