This exciting project is a new initiative funded by Children In Need, and extends the bereavement services that have been established at Gaddum since 1990. Chameleon at Gaddum will be working with families living in the Greater Manchester area who have been bereaved in traumatic circumstances, for example:

¨ When the death is sudden andunexpected, such as suicide or road traffic accident.

¨ Where there has been an element of violence, such as death resulting from mugging or


¨ Where a child may havewitnessed the unexpected event and has been traumatized by

the imagery.

In these circumstances, families don’t have time to prepare for what is ahead. Accessing early support at such times can make a significant difference to long-term recovery.


Chameleon @Gaddum is able to offer this support.

Jill Williams, who has worked on the therapeutic team for 19 years, will be running this project so if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact her on 0161 834 6069.