Young Carers in Schools and the new Ofsted Framework

The new ‘Common Inspection Framework’ for Ofsted was published in September 2015 and sets out the principles that apply to inspection and the main judgments that inspectors make when conducting inspections. The bit about Young Carers reads as follows on page 6-7 of the full document:


Groups of learners

1.              Inspection is primarily about evaluating how well individual children and learners benefit from the education provided by the school or provider. Inspection tests the school’s or provider’s response to individual needs by observing how well it helps all children and learners to make progress and fulfil their potential. In making judgements, inspectors will pay particular attention to the outcomes for the following groups:

There then follows a list of possible vulnerable young people and the list includes Young Carers

One can then assume that all future inspections will want to know what schools are doing to support the young carers on their roles, and if indeed they know who they are.

To help you we will be working with the schools in Salford to achieve the Young Carers In School Awards and also rolling out our new and exciting toolkit.

For schools outside of Salford we can advise on how to access the Young Carers in Schools Awards and are more than happy for you to download and use the toolkit on the website at

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