20th October Salford Young Carers Day!

Salford’s Special Day for Young Carers

Tuesday the 20th October is a very special day for young carers in Salford for two reasons.

The day has been designated the 1st Annual Salford Young Carers Day by the City and a number of events are taking place;

  • The Ceremonial Mayor of Salford is hosting a coffee morning in the Mayors Parlour from 09.30 to 11.30 to highlight the issues within the Civic Centre and raise awareness of young carers
  • A number of high schools including the Albion Academy & Walkden High are running events from cake sales to beard shave offs
  • Young carers in a number of schools have, and will be running assemblies to raise awareness of their issues with their peers and also to say to pupils ‘don’t be embarrassed, if you are a carer.....ask for support.’
  • St Charles Primary school are running art sessions all day for young carers to explore their feelings about caring
  • We will be running a Twitter storm throughout the day

Secondly the day is also the 4th Annual “Lowry Event” which celebrates the unique partnership between the Lowry Theatre & Salford Young Carers & Young Adult Carers Service.

This year the event will see the launch of our new & exciting interactive toolkit for use by schools, youth groups and professionals to use in raising awareness of young carers issues and to help identify the Hidden 70%. The toolkit has been developed and designed by 11 young carers aged 8 to 16 who have worked over 6 months with Young Carers Service and design and development workers at the Lowry.

The event as always will be a glittery affair as we celebrate the work young carers have done on this year’s project and look forwards to the partnership continuing in 2015/16.

The success of this partnership and the work it does to raise awareness and identify new young carers has been acknowledged with a national, and very prestigious, Children and Young People Now Awards nomination.

So don’t forget - 20th October is Salford Young Carers Day.

What are you doing to help us celebrate?