Towards the end of 2014 as we all tweeted through Carers Rights Day and the launch of the report into the issues faced by young adult carers.
It struck us here in Salford that we should be doing this all the time; putting out there in to cyber space the issues faced by carers aged 24 and under, the opportunities that may arise for them, the examples of good practice and making it a regular occurrence that their voice is heard. So we have come up with the following ideas:

1.    As a Service we will make 5 pledges about how we want to develop and improve our Services during 2015. We acknowledge however, that having pledges is the easy bit so we have also agreed that we will publicise the pledges and report back each month on one of them, plus highlight any major developments with any of the others. We will do this via Twitter and news items on this website

2.    At the earliest point each month we will tweet a thought for the month from our 2015 Young Carers Calendar, designed by young carers themselves with their issues highlighted

3.    We will pick a day each month for a “shout out” day to young people, professionals and other Carers Services looking at practice ideas or highlighting issues that are coming up

In short we want to maintain the feel good factor so many of us got from all the cross tweeting in December, the month people began to realise not only are there a lot of carers out there aged 24 and under but there are also a number of Carers Services and it’s good to talk!!

The 2015 pledges:

* We pledge to increase the numbers of identified young carers and young adult carers within Salford.

* We pledge to continue to improve the involvement of young carers and young adult carers in the development of their service.

* We pledge to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of carers and their families via targeted groups and supported access to appropriate services.

* We pledge to campaign for the equality of access to education, employment and all levels of appropriate support for the young people and their families we work with.

* We pledge to run campaigns to raise awareness with politicians, policy makers, education providers and the business community about the issues surrounding young carers and young adult carers and their needs.