'How Young is Young?' Premiere

The latest Salford Young Carer’s film was launched at the Lowry Theatre last Friday at a glittering event which included attendance and speeches of Barbara Keeley MP, Charlotte Ramsden, Strategic Director of Children Services, Lynda Needham, CEO of Booth Charities, Sue Lightup, Strategic Director Community and Social Care and many representatives of local partners and charities. The main stars of the event however, were the young people: Demi, Lucy, Jay Lee, Katie, Stephanie, Natalie and Grace, all of whom acted as ushers on the evening and of course the stars of the film themselves: Eleanor, Sanad, Daniel, Emmanuel, Millie, Phoebe, Antonia Rae, Kayleigh, Declan and Helen - three standing ovations tell you they did an excellent job.

The film, which can be found here on the website, looks at young carers in primary schools and is called “Young Carers - How Young is Young” and is the result of a project with young carers who shared their own stories and developed the script with support from both the Salford Young Carers Service and the Lowry Community Education Team. It is the third film the partnership has produced and another example of the excellent partnership that has developed between the two organisations.

The audience was welcomed to the Lowry by Lynsey O’Sullivan, Participation & Learning Manager at the Lowry, before Paul Moran, manager of the Young Carers Services, said a few words about the partnership, what had been achieved so far by the previous films and the need for greater work to be done around the identification of young carers; “Are we all hiding from the issues of identifying young people at primary schools as carers, do we think they are too young to care, or even, how can they be carers? Or are we to just too embarrassed and ashamed, as a society, to acknowledge that at times we are reliant on unpaid carers as young as 6 and 7. ”


After the film was premiered, Barbara Keeley congratulated the young carers involved in the production of the film and commended them for their bravery in being prepared to share their stories.  She stated that people in positions of influence and policy makers need to acknowledge that very young people can be carers and that this role can affect a young carer's life in a number of ways, such as education and bullying. Barbara concluded by saying the film represented some very innovative work and that it was great to see the partnership between Salford Young Carers and the Lowry flourish. 


The night was brought to a glittering end when Paul Moran expressed the thanks of the Young Carers Service to Lynsey O’Sullivan who is due to be going on maternity leave in the next month and who will be a huge miss for both the staff and young people at the Service. A presentation of a bouquet of flowers was made by Grace, a nice conclusion as Grace had stared in the first film the partnership had created “We Are Not Different We Just Do Different Things”.


An excellent evening, well done to all involved, thank you to everyone for their support and again a huge thank you to the stars of the show;

Eleanor, Sanad, Daniel, Emmanuel, Millie, Phoebe, Antonia Rae, Kayleigh, Declan and Helen