Thinking of going to university?

There are approximately 375,000 Young Adult Carers, between 14 – 25 years old, in the UK.
A young carer is someone who helps to look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability, long-term illness (including mental health conditions) or a substance abuse problem. Often young carers are responsible for caring for one of their parents, or a sibling.
Whilst facing a number of challenges in day-to-day life, starting university can present a whole new set of difficulties for Young Adult Carers.

Paige, a young adult carer in Salford who studied Law at the University of Bolton, gave us an insight into, and advice on managing, being a Young Adult Carer at university.

Paige’s story:

When I started university, it was the most exciting time of my life. I felt like I had achieved so much and that I was finally on the road to success. No one in my family had ever been to university before, so this was a really big deal. It was an even bigger deal, as I was also the main carer for my dad and brother, and had been since I was six years old.
I got through my first year without much of a problem. My grades were in the top 10% of my class and I was throwing myself into different societies and clubs. I even set up and became the chair of the Law society at the University. I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was a young carer, even though I had always had support at home, because I didn’t want to be treated differently and I just wanted to be identified as “normal”.

Second year came and I was still doing well. I was enjoying myself. The work was tougher but I was managing. But, when my brother got ill, my focus and priorities needed to change. I really knew I needed more support with my studies, for example extensions on assignments, but I still didn’t want to tell anyone. I thought I could just plod on through and it would all turn out okay.
When I got to third year, my own health was taking a beating. My dad’s health had deteriorated and I needed to be spending more and more time in my caring role. In the end, I had to suspend my studies. When I explained to my tutor what was going on, straight away he arranged for things to put in place to support me as much as the university could. I was able to re-sit exams I hadn’t passed and had regular meetings with the councillor they set up.
I had spent 4 years thinking I would be treated differently. After I had struggled on all that time I could have gotten the support and understanding I needed to finish my course. My advice would be to mention the fact that you are a carer. You won’t be treated differently, but if you ever needed support it would already be in place. There isn’t any need to struggle through; sometimes you do need a little support to achieve everything you want to do.
So remember, we are not different as carers. It’s just that we do different things and need different support. Make sure you get that support – I didn’t until it was too late. But now, one day, I will return to complete my studies.

Are you a young adult carer?

If you’re a Young Adult Carer about to start at university, or currently studying for your degree, Campus Living Villages, who we have been working with developing them into both a carer friendly employer & a carer friendly provider, offer a range of initiatives to help support you through your studies.

They understand that coming to university can create challenges around the level of financial responsibility you face. They also know that some people have additional family responsibilities which adds to their financial pressures.
If you identify as a Young Adult Carer, they have a range of initiatives to support you during your stay with us. If you find yourself in a situation of genuine hardship, they may be able to help with a small bursary

So if you are staying in their accommodation please speak to one of their village team on reception to discuss your situation and ways in which we can help.

Not staying with Campus Living Villages? Make sure you talk to your university, a growing number of them have Carer Student policies and will be able to offer you extra support


The Angel Carers’ Group

Come join us at our launch event of a new Salford carers group based at the Angel Centre.  The group is aimed at all carers and will provide a friendly, welcoming and most of all fun space to meet and get some much needed time to yourself.

The group will be a social space to grab a brew and chat, and we will also invite guest speakers to talk about subjects from wellbeing to welfare rights.

The launch will be on

Wednesday 6th September, from 10am to 12pm,

and will be the first Wednesday of the month thereafter.  

Come for a slice of cake and tell us what you want to get out of the group!

 Meet at Salford Carers Centre, 1 St Phillips Place (off Chapel Street), Salford, M3 6FA.  

For any questions please contact Salford Carers on 0161 833 0217 or email



Thinking of resham

This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to write and definitely the hardest for this web site that is here to celebrate and support the amazing carers of all ages in Salford.

Last week one of our young adult carers was subjected to a horrendous acid attack in East London when out celebrating her 21st birthday. This senseless attack left her cousin in a coma and our amazing Resh needing two skin grafts, with damage to one of her eyes, and scar damage to her body.

Why is our Resh amazing? A high level carer for her father from an early age she had numerous High Schools due to moving between London and Salford with her father, but somehow we connected, supported her through high school and using her enthusiasm for learning and life, were able to continue to support her through college. Throughout all of this she still cared for her father, still dealt with the crises, such as eviction, that appeared on a regular basis and managed to pass exams. A very talented individual, fighting all the odds and succeeding.

Then on to university, not too far from home as father still needed looking after, and her very own space at last. She has just recently return from a exchange year in Cyprus, from which she returned on a regular basis to make sure her father was OK and looking after himself properly.

As well as caring for her father Resh was an active part of our Young Carers/Young Adult Carers Board acting as an excellent role model for younger carers, she worked with our staff supporting the launch of the Carers Trust Charity Partnership Appeal with the Co-Op, speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people with a member of the SugarBabes

Our last conversation was about planning to go for lunch when she was back in Salford, accommodation sorted and back in University starting her Masters. When we go for lunch I will be proud to be seen with her, in fact prouder than normal, because our Resh was and will always be an amazing young person.

In the meantime we send all our love to Resh, and the love of all the young people who have texted us, and phoned us to make sure we are aware of the situation. Remember Resh we are here for you and look forward to you coming home to Salford soon.

If any of Resh's friends from young adult carers are affected by what has happened please contact us-we are here to support you

Have you seen the news: Special projects & events

The 2nd half of 2017 looks like being an amazing time for Salford's young carers as a number of Projects get underway and others reach their conclusion. Also we will be running a number of fixed term groups for young people looking at the issues they face as carers, hoping to build on their resilience and build up their confidence & self esteem. Lots of these groups will be targeted at our most vulnerable young people but there will be plenty of other opportunities for young people to access support & fun activities.

So an idea of the next 6 months;

🌟 Salford's 3rd annual Young Carers Day 26th September: from breakfast with the Ceremonial Mayor all the way to our 6th showcase event at the Lowry Theatre this is a day for the whole of Salford to celebrate & be proud of the young carers who live in this amazing city. This year's Lowry project group have been working on the event & showcase for a few months & it's looking very exciting.

🌟 Calendar 2018: a small group of 9 young carers are working with Nicola & Jenny on producing the 10th Salford Young Carers calendar and the initial work in the sun of North Wales makes it look very exciting.

🌟 Who Carers-National Tour; over the summer we will be working with a group of young carers to revisit the highly acclaimed play they produced in partnership the Lowry Theatre in 2016. It will be updated ready for the national tour which starts on the 30th October. Söooooooooooooo exciting but before then the group need to be re-interviewed, actors need selecting, tour/web site information agreed and the actual tour dates & venues confirmed-all of which will involve, & at times be led by the young carers themselves. Once it's all agreed there will be the small matter of deciding which venues we want to visit for Q&As

🌟 Another part of the Lowry Project will be 8 young carers looking at the tool kit that exists at present and bringing it up to date to incorporate our two pays "Behind Closed Doors" & "Who Cares"

🌟 During the summer holidays the YC/YAC board will relaunch themselves with the launch of their own "Manifesto for Change" which challenges a number of community & statutory responses to carers 24 & under whilst positively looks at how we can all challenge the poverty of opportunity faced by many carers, young & old.

🌟 we will also be running a number of groups exploring the wellbeing of carers, the pitfalls in transition at every stage, and groups exploring caring for newly identified young carers

🌟 then there's the fun......panto trip, farm trips, art groups and the trips into the Dark Peak for energy sapping hill walks 🚶 🚶 🚶 

All in all a busy 6 months but still time to support you, your family & your school so see you soon

Adult carers programme for July to december

After our incredible busy Carers Week here are the plans for the next 6 months;

Power of Attorney workshop

Wills & Trusts work shop

Ex-Carers advice/support sessions 

Working Carers support sessions

Parent Carers coping with summer wellbeing session

Parent Carers coping with Christmas wellbeing session

Money Matters Course

Wellbeing course

Support sessions for volunteers running Carer's Peer Support Groups 

Launch of new Peer Support Group

So a very busy 6 months to add to our core work & the developments we want to drive forwards following carers week.




PHEW!! What a Carers week in salford!!

Wow it's taken almost a week to get over it but last week was possible the busiest Carers Week we have ever had in Salford, & certainly the most productive. We were so busy, with so many leads to follow up, ideas & suggestions to digest that it has taken until today in a very quiet early morning office to have the space to think back on it.

Last week we either ran or attended 12 events, we had over 250 carers of all ages attending them & we had almost 40 "new"" carers registering with us-including 3 that found their way to us via our tweeting & others retweeting. An amazing week all around & a massive effort by an incredible staff team, especiallywhen you consider that our day to day core work continued in the community, in schools and at a strategic level.

The interaction with carers was inspiring at times and we have left the week with new ideas for engagement & that overriding feeling that actually ever week is carers week, every day is carers day & that the needs & situation of each carer is different & our services need to be flexible,  responsive & carer lead not set in solid boxes.

The future looks exciting so huge thanks to the team for all their efforts, the carers for their involvement & inspiration & everyone else for their support. Their are to many "others" to thank but special mention to Janet & Michelle for every week & the support groups they run, & to Cllr Stone, Cllr Walsh & City Mayor Paul Dennett for their continual support for the cities carers.


Exciting new Project for student carers with campus Living villages

Campus Living Villages, in partnership with Gaddum’s Salford Carers Centre, has today announced a pioneering new project to support student carers in its accommodation.

Campus Living Villages, a major worldwide student accommodation provider, has recognised the extra support young adult carers, attending university, may need and has joined with Manchester’s oldest Health & Social Care charity, Gaddum, which was established in 1833, to drive forwards an exciting & innovative new project.

Together Salford Carers Centre and Campus Living Villages will encourage students, applying to become a resident, at one of 21 UK campuses, to identify themselves if they are carers & to access levels of support previously not provided by accommodation providers. Staff will be trained to recognise and support students carers, turning the organisation into a carer friendly environment also able to support employees who are carers and students who become carers during their university lives.

Campus Living Villages has also announced a bold new bursary scheme which will offer carers grants to eliminate added financial pressures caused by caring- whether that be travel costs, other expenses due to caring or challenges the isolation suffered by carers and the poverty of opportunity so many of them face.

The initiative will also see Campus Living Villages supporting its own staff through a Carers policy, seeing the organisation become a national leader in Carers employment rights.

Paul Moran, Gaddum’s Manager of Salford Carers Centre, said “Many young adult carers are unable to access University education due to continual caring roles and lack of support. The partnership with Campus Living Villages will challenge that perception as we work towards them, a major UK provider, becoming an organisation that will be seen as carer friendly both for its residents and also its employees. 70% of carers are hidden, we hope this partnership will help both students and employees indentify as carers and get the support they deserve.”

Alex Mayes from Campus Living Villages added “We are very excited about this project, which was voted for by our employees. We’re putting more resources into supporting our Carers because it’s the right thing to do. In helping carers get the right support, by alleviating some financial hardship through our ambitious bursary scheme and by being an understanding accommodation provider and employer, we hope our students and staff will manage better, do better and feel better- that is a win both for us, our employees and most importantly our students”.

If you are already live in a Campus Living Village community and would like to find out more, make contact with your village manager.


Carer employees have their say


The following article is from Salford Royal Foundations Trusts In-House news site for staff. The survey is the starting point of work we are doing with the Trust looking at how between us we can identify employees who are carers and how we can ensure the working environment takes into account their needs and supports them in reaching their full potential.

This is an exciting piece of work being carried out by our workers and if you are an employer and would like us to work closely with you to ensure you become a carer friendly environment please contact one of the following team on 0161 833 0217.

Matthew Shiel, Laura Maguire, Lewis Nelson or Paul Moran  

Results of the recent carers’ survey results

In May we conducted a survey with Salford Carers Centre which sought views from members of staff who have caring responsibilities outside work, about the support available.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We received nearly 100 responses, containing useful and insightful feedback for the team.

Kathryn Davies, Workforce Transformation Lead in HR, explained: “A general theme which emerged in the response is that people feel there is a lack of understanding and awareness of the extra roles they have as carers outside of work. They told us that they often feel unsupported, and feel pressure to take annual leave for caring responsibilities rather than being able to work flexibly to accommodate those needs.

“As a Trust, we have policies and support for carers and we will work harder to ensure that these are more widely known and enacted, across the organisation.”

As part of Carers Week next week (12-18 June), there will be the opportunity to speak to Salford Carers Centre who will be on hand to offer advice and information about what support is available for carers in the city.  Representatives from Salford Carers Centre will be in the hospital next week but you can also contact them on 01618330217 to arrange to see a Carers Worker outside of your working hours if you wish.

During Carers Week we will be releasing more details of the Survey and the responses from the work force


Busy Carers Week in Salford not only for the Carers Service but also our partners. Here are the events that we are aware off, any others please let us know and we will advertise them for you.


HOPE BUILDING SRFT (staff & visitors) - information, drop-in, awareness event. 10.00-15.00

HUG IN A MUG WALKDEN - celebratory event, 9.30 - 12.00

CARERS LISTENING EVENTS - @Swinton Park Golf Club, run by GMMH trust 2 sessions 11.00 - 12.30 & 13.30 - 15.00

LOWRY THEATRE - Young Carers Project (Creative writing-fully booked) 17.00 - 19.30

LOWRY THEATRE TRIP -  La Cage Aux Folles show stars 19.30 Limited availability, must be booked via Carers Centre, for adult carers and cared for.


SPRINGWOOD SCHOOL - wellbeing session for schools parent carers 9.30 - 12.00

CHRISTINES'S TEA ROOM, LIVERPOOL Rd IRLAM - celebration event 10.00 - 12.00

CARERS INFORMATION EVENT, THE LIGHTHOUSE CORONET WAY ECCLES - information, refreshments, entertainment & beauty therapies. Run bu Salford NHS & CCG 10.00 - 14.30


SALFORD CIVIC CENTRE -information, drop-in, awareness & focused groups for staff. 10.00 - 15.00

INSPIRATION GIRLS - young carers event, fully booked 17.30 - 20.00

POWER OF ATTORNEY SEMINAR - Eccles Gateway 18.00 - 20.00 Booking needed, we will operate a waiting list and run another seminar if demand high enough.





Independent Advocacy for Salford's Carers

Salford Carers Centre provides advocacy to Carers in Salford, supporting and empowering carers to secure their rights and be treated fairly, when dealing with issues that affect them or their families.

An advocate may be able to support you to: 

  • access information and services 

  • be involved in decisions

  • explore choices and options

  • defend and promote your rights and responsibilities

  • speak out about issues that matter to you

Independent Advocacy for Carers

Independent Advocacy is about representing and supporting carers, carers of children who are about to turn 18 and young carers who are about to turn 18 themselves, and making sure that they are fully involved and their voices are heard through statutory processes such as support planning and assessments.

However, there is a set of criteria about who can access Independent Advocacy, which means that not everybody will be entitled to an Advocate.

Usually, the carer will be likely to have substantial difficulty in being involved in a process, and either no one else available or appropriate to support and represent their views, feelings and wishes.

Substantial Difficulty (only one)

  • Understanding information

  • Communicating own views, wishes and feelings

  • Retaining the information

  • Using/Weighing up information

Want more information? Ring Salford Carers Centre on 0161 833 0217 and ask to speak to our Advocacy worker