All referrals to the our Services are assessed as to the young person’s caring responsibilities and their family situation. It is following this assessment and then, if you are registered as a carer, that your named worker will meet with you and discuss your support. Every young person we support has an individually tailored support package that might include one of the following things or even all of them. It all depends on you and your situation.

Individual Support

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All the young people we work with, no matter their age, have the right to have their voice heard. The young people are all offered the opportunity to see workers on their own, away from groups and away from families. Lots of young people take up these opportunities and set their own agenda for the sessions.


Group Support.

We run numerous group each year to support the carers we work with. The groups will be age appropriate and cover all issues relating to caring, and supporting young people with their physical & mental wellbeing. There will be special projects each year such as the calendar groups and partnership work with the Lowry. We also operate a Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Board who help us develop the Service, represent all of Salford's carers 24 & under and regular meet with local & national politicians.

But we all need fun as well so each year we run regular one off fun sessions, trips, activities and the famous "Pantomime trip".

Specialist Support

We are not the answer to everything so it may be we support you in accessing more appropriate support for you from elsewhere.


As a carer you will get 2 newsletters a year but you can regular updated information about opportunities by flooring us on Twitter & regularly checking the newsreels on the web site.


We have workers attached to all the high schools in Salford, the college bases and a growing number of primary schools. We not only work with the school staff to raise awareness of young carer issues, but we also support all registered young carers within the school. We will support you in dealing with educational issues, especially around exam time, make sure that your caring role does not stop you achieving your full potential academically, and help you resolve issues relating to bullying. When we are in school we are there for you.

We also work closely with colleges & Universities to ensure you get the same opportunities as young people who are not carers.


We work closely with our carers to ensure they have the same access as their peers to employment opportunities. We provide extra support by way of a mentoring scheme which can link a young adult carer to a local person in employment to offer support & guidance.

Family Support

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You are all members of a family, some large, some small, and if you are a carer your family and certain members of it may need as much support as you do. Our aim is to work both with you and your family to reduce your caring role, to make sure the impact of caring does not have a totally negative effect on your life and to ensure that all other family members are also aware of the situation and getting the support they are entitled to. This will include members of your family who are cared for but also members of your family who may not be aware of the responsibilities you carry.




Where you feel safe when talking about home life”

”Where you can meet other people your age that also look after someone”

”Where adults actually understand about the role some children have to take on’’

”Where people ask how you are when they see you and understand what’s going on”

”Where you can get more help for the person you care for when they need it”

”Where you do not need to feel embarrassed about what you do”

”So you can feel proud of who you are
— Young Carers