We're Not Different, We Just Do Different Things.

"We're Not Different, We Just Do Different Things" was a co-production between The Lowry and Salford Carers Centre, made to raise awareness for the impact being a carer makes on a young person's education and schooling. Starring Maxine Peake.


Invisible or Ignored

Nearly 40% of young people Salford Young Carers Service works with are Primary carers, yet they feel they are excluded from care planning, unacknowledged for the role they have. They also feel they have insufficient information about the health condition the person they are caring for is suffering from. 

The group of young carers who have made this film hope that it will begin to address some of those issues by describing their experiences. In the film we re-enact situations from the young people's experiences in health settings as well as interview health professionals themselves about their awareness of young carers.

We sent teams of young reporters to interview nurses at Hope Hospital and Meadowbrook Mental Health Unit as well as a GP at his surgery in Irlam, who all gave us first person accounts of their experience with young carers and how the health system may or may not support them in the best ways possible. 

The film previewed at The Lowry in October 2013 and received a great response from families, friends of the young people as well as professional's working in the Health Sector and at Salford University. 

A copy of the film will be sent not only to every young carer in the city but also to every GP's surgery as well as being used to train Student Nurses at The University of Salford.


How Young is Young? 

This film looks at young carers in primary schools and is called “Young Carers - How Young is Young” and is the result of a project with young carers who shared their own stories and developed the script with support from both the Salford Young Carers Service and the Lowry Community Education Team. It is the third film the partnership has produced and another example of the excellent partnership that has developed between the two organisations.