Salford Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Services offer the following services to all educational establishments within the city:

  1. Named link worker with each school
  2. Half termly E-newsletter
  3. Support in planning awareness session for pupils/students
  4. Special assemblies on young carers issues
  5. Self-referral process for young people
  6. Specialist sessions for Health Care students and pupils doing Health and Social Care courses at school
  7. Individual support for young carers/young adult carers on school/college rolls
  8. Regular information updates on who are the carers on roll
  9. Consultation with staff regarding possible referrals
  10. Awareness training / sessions for staff

We work in partnership with all Salford's high schools, over 35 primary schools, five college bases and Salford University.

If you are not involved but wish your school/college to be, please contact us and we will arrange to meet with you as soon as possible.

Young Carers in School Award Scheme

As well as supporting schools applying for the national Young Carers in School Awards we also operate two of our own awards, The Salford Young Carers Champion School Award & The Salford Young Carers Exceptional Champion School Award. Both awards are aimed at improving identification, achievement and support offered young carers in schools.

This is a really exciting innovation and we are pleased that a growing number of Salford Schools are involved in the development.

Lesson Plans:

We have worked with the Lowry and young people, during 2015, to develop lesson plans for the three films we have produced so far, and that make up important parts of the awareness sessions we run. These can be accessed via the link on the Home page.

Our films, made in collaboration with the Lowry, are available for you as well (see Films).

In the meantime, if you are not a Salford School, feel free to access any of the films and other resources on the site. They are there to be used and we hope they help/support you in your work.